VKG siren

Sculpture by Kim Stussy for the showroom of Van Keppel Green

April has been a great month for collaborations. Much has been shared and nourishing creative juices exchanged. Solarc facilitated some gruit on a magical night. Bob celebrated a milestone. Water Stories launched a four week performance schedule of tentacled dance fantasia.




IMG_v1782cgkidart_smClare has been bra biddy blah blah recently. Acquisition of the speaking stone that Merlin predicted promotes multi-dimensional discovery.


IMG_v8836gears_smBetween the Spring equinox and Summer solstice we hope to enhance the technical modernity of MorYork with updates and feature sets. Additional human interns are eagerly awaited.

IMG_v8413saints_smFanciful geographic variations with shard heels.


Due diligence continues.