Los Angeles-based avant-garde artist/singer Dorian Wood will perform songs from his recent groundbreaking album, Rattle Rattle, accompanied by a 15-piece chamber orchestra:

DW: vocal, arranger
Leah Harmon: vocal, accordion, choir conductor
Michael Corwin: guitar
Sebastian Steinberg: upright bass
princessFrank: percussion
Danny Graziani: viola, arranger
Edgar Sandoval: violin
Paul Cartwright: violin
Christopher Votek: cello
Gavin Templeton: bass clarinet
Maya Barrera: oboe
Juli Crockett: choir vocal
Julie Carpenter: choir vocal
Lisa Dee: choir vocal
Ryan Leigh Seaton: choir vocal

Each song has been specifically arranged for this intimate, once-in-a-lifetime event, and will be performed without amplification, within the walls of the MorYork Gallery, which houses the permanent collection of artist Clare Graham. The evening will kick off with a new work by world-renowned performance artist Mariel Carranza.