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Artists as Hoarders

Mirka Knaster 2/8/2017 As an artist, you’re bound to collect stuff. After all, how can you create art without lots of paint, paper, canvas, clay, stone, metal, fabric,…

New York Spaces feature

July 6, 2016 White Webb Designs a Fashion-Forward Upper West Side Apartment A stylish New Jersey couple embraces a new palette on the Upper West Side, with the…

Earth Day 2016


Inside a Former Roller Rink in Highland Park, a Collector has Set Up Shop

  LA Weekly March 28, 2016 By Peter Holderness “I’ve hand resourced, found, collected, manipulated and played with each one of these things,” Clare Graham says, looking over…

12 Top Designers Pick Must-See Works at The Salon Art + Design

ARTSY EDITORIAL BY ARTSY DESIGN For the third year, Artsy has invited 12 top designers—leaders in the fields of fashion, interiors, and architecture—to guide intimate tours of The…

MorYork Gallery is a Modern Day Cabinet of Curiosities

Patrick Quinn for LA Magazine Stepping into artist Clare Graham’s MorYork Gallery in Highland Park is like taking a trip through the mirror with Alice Until recently, Highland…

photo Jody Miller

The Teddy Bears and Soda Cans of Clare Graham

by Erin Joyce for hyperallergic on December 30, 2014

‘Warehouse of Wonders’ KCET

Clare with KCETSoCalConnected. 'Warehouse of Wonders' November 19, 2014 Reporter Nic Cha Kim pays a trip to Graham's studio in Highland Park for a cl...

The Art of Consolidation

Clare Graham’s Wonderland of Cast-Off Riches by E.C. McCarthy on Medium Oct 27, 2014

Five questions for Clare Graham of MorYork Gallery

by Nathan Solis for The Eastsider on September 17, 2014

Clare Graham’s Dazzling Found-Object Sculptures

Architectural Digest Posted August 31, 2014

Always Room for One More – New York Times Home & Garden

Outside the Box – Clare Graham

Potential in Garbage: Clare Graham’s Recycled Art

by Wendy Gabriel for Recycle Nation  Using “collections” of objects, including bottle caps, Scrabble tiles, buttons and more, the LA-based artist creates a whole new kind of recycled…

Clare Graham on thaloTV

Artist Clare Graham sit down with thaloTV in his Mor York Gallery and gets creative with multiples.