photo Jody Miller

The Teddy Bears and Soda Cans of Clare Graham

by Erin Joyce for hyperallergic on December 30, 2014

‘Warehouse of Wonders’ KCET

Clare with KCETSoCalConnected. 'Warehouse of Wonders' November 19, 2014 Reporter Nic Cha Kim pays a trip to Graham's studio in Highland Park for a cl...

The Art of Consolidation

Clare Graham’s Wonderland of Cast-Off Riches by E.C. McCarthy on Medium Oct 27, 2014

Five questions for Clare Graham of MorYork Gallery

by Nathan Solis for The Eastsider on September 17, 2014 theeastsiderla.com/five-questions-for-clare

Clare Graham & MorYork: The Answer Is Yes – Craft & Folk Art Museum September 14, 2014 – January 4, 2015

Clare Graham’s Dazzling Found-Object Sculptures

Architectural Digest Posted August 31, 2014

Eyes On MorYork – 2014 Compendium

Available for purchase; Eyes On MorYork – 2014 Compendium By Clare Graham Paperback, 454 Pages Since 1986, MorYork has been the studio and gallery of Clare Graham and…